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Giving With Aroha

One of the ways The Tindall Foundation gives donations to communities in Aotearoa is through our Funding Managers. These
long-standing partners distribute around
$3 million each year on our behalf to their local regions across New Zealand.

This is a unique and highly valued partnership model built on integrity, trust and shared values. Our Funding Managers understand their communities’ needs and have strong local connections and local knowledge.


Watch this short film to meet our Funding Managers and hear about what they do.

Annual Report


A message from the

Tēnā koutou katoa. Greetings to all.
Welcome to our 2017/18 Annual Report.


He aha te mea nui o te ao?
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.

— Māori proverb


In our giving throughout Aotearoa New Zealand we work closely with families, the community and those protecting and preserving our environment. As a family foundation we try to emphasise the values of whanaungatanga (relationship, sense of family connection) and aroha (love). 


These things are embedded in our work and our approach to philanthropy. People are at the heart of our organisation. They are central to the decisions we make, the donations we approve, the causes we support and the relationships we form.


The relationships with our donation recipients, Funding Managers, other funders, partners, Trustees and staff mean a great deal to us. Many of these are long-term relationships developed over several years and are based on high trust. 


We know that trust is essential in working together to reach better outcomes for New Zealand, our people and our environment. We believe that having a shared vision, shared values and a shared commitment with our donation recipients and partners will help us tackle some of the big issues — poverty, poor housing, climate change and unemployment — and will enable us to make the greatest impact over the long term. 


This Annual Report explores high-trust relationships and what these mean to our Foundation. You will read about some of the organisations we are fortunate to walk alongside and some of the ways we establish strong relationships built on pono (trust, honesty, sincerity). 


One of the best examples of high-trust relationships is with our Funding Managers. You can meet some of them in the video introduced above. There are 23 Funding Managers across the country distributing The Tindall Foundation money on our behalf; this a two-way partnership built on listening, understanding and common values.


It would be impossible for us to do our work without the committed and dedicated New Zealanders working tirelessly in their communities for the good of others or for a more sustainable Aotearoa. If you are one of those people, we acknowledge and thank you for all that you do.


Enjoy reading our Annual Report and all the best for a happy and healthy 2019.


Stephen and Margaret Tindall

Founders — The Tindall Foundation


“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It is the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”
— Stephen Covey
Manager's Message

A message from the

Kia ora koutou. 

At The Tindall Foundation we have a family approach to what we do. Those of you who have visited us in Takapuna, on Auckland’s North Shore, will know that our office is a converted home with a sunny garden. We have an office dog called Lucy who greets every visitor with enthusiasm and delight! Our Trustees often pop in for afternoon tea or just to say hello.


As a staff team, it is our job to serve the philanthropic wishes of the Tindall family and our Trustees. We are guided by the family’s interest in supporting families and social services, employment, the environment and the community sector.


The open and high-trust relationship that is shared between the family, staff and Trustee team is in the DNA of the Foundation and everyone values it greatly. Stephen, Margaret and the other Trustees are open to fresh ideas from staff, taking guidance from us on new ways of working, new organisations and initiatives to support, and new funding areas to explore. 


We are also given responsibility to make some funding decisions and always have a voice at the table. In short, the Tindall family places a high level of trust in us, which is very humbling. It is the same trust that the Foundation places in organisations and communities that we support with funding — and in other ways.


The past year has been as busy as ever for the Foundation and brings the total value
of our donations and commitments to communities and the environment to over
$175 million over the past 23 years. 


While these didn’t all happen during the last financial year, we wanted to take the chance to highlight a few significant things that we have celebrated this calendar year. Martina O’Driscoll marked her ten-year anniversary at the Foundation. She has done and continues to do a fantastic job, and we are very grateful to her. 


We have welcomed Rukumoana Schaafhausen (Ngāti Hāuā, Waikato Tainui) as our first Māori Trustee, and three new staff members to our team: Kate Holgate, Cyril Howard (Ngāpuhi) and Ashlee McCormick. They all bring with them a wealth of knowledge and it is great to have them on board. We were also sad to farewell our colleague and friend Genevieve Northey, who has moved to China.


Looking ahead … Exciting developments for 2019

From April 2019 the Foundation will be introducing a revised strategy for our giving. This is the first significant strategy review in many years. 


We will be taking more of an outcomes-based approach to our giving rather than funding categories. We will also have more simplified programme areas. 


What we fund will not change immediately, but our new direction will allow for greater flexibility and responsiveness to new and emerging areas of need in line with our Trustees’ wishes. We will let you know more about this closer to April.


John McCarthy

Manager — The Tindall Foundation

Highlights of 2017/18

Merger of Space
Gender Equality Research

We interviewed 28 individuals working with women, young women, and gender diverse and intersex youth, to find out what issues they face; Kate Tindall Lum is leading this new initiative to improve gender equality

The Loft

This client and family-centred space in Christchurch, which is home to a range of social and community services, welcomed 408 people through its doors without a referral in its first year

The successful merger of Space with Parenting Place, strengthening the offering of both organisations’ programmes and reducing their ongoing operational costs

Mentoring Foundation

Mentoring Foundation of New Zealand launched in May 2017 to mentor the community sector at a management and governance level following a successful pilot in Taranaki

ADRA Driving License Programme
Community Foundation

150 people took part in a pilot programme in Auckland, including three members of one family (a daughter, mother and grandmother) who all got their driver’s licenses!

Launched in Queenstown in March 2018; since then, it has raised $100,000 in grants and endowments

Hikurangi Enterprises

TTF supported Māori economic development venture Hikurangi Enterprises with research and development into kanuka oil, hemp and medical marijuana

Grow Our Own

Workforce health science academies in South Auckland high schools contributed to a record number of Māori employed at Counties Manukau DHB (from 346 employees in March 2017 to 529 employees a year later)

ENGAGE Programme

Methodist Mission Southern ran a successful ENGAGE programme pilot in seven early childhood centres in Otago, teaching self-regulation to 224 children —leading to a significant reduction in behavioural and educational issues

Significant donations 2017/18

Success Stories

Feature Stories
Relationships: Key to Success

For The Tindall Foundation to make a difference in Aotearoa New Zealand, we need to put faith in the organisations we help so they can make the right decisions about how to work, what to prioritise and where to allocate resources. 


In addition to reporting on our activities and outcomes over the past year, this Annual Report explores how the Foundation seeks to build relationships based on trust, honesty and sincerity to enable the very best outcomes for our grant recipients.


Here, four organisations we worked with in 2017/18 share their experiences of partnership with The Tindall Foundation, and explain how having a high-trust relationship empowers them to get on with the task at hand — while having access to further expertise when they need it.

Organisations to Do More

"If the funding hadn’t come along we would have continued treading water, knowing we had to make changes but not making them. We are in a much better place and are hugely grateful to The Tindall Foundation for their support and guidance."


—  Angela Crocker, La Vida Youth Trust

In the last 23 years :

Our donations and commitments to New Zealand  communities and the environment have totalled over

Donations icon


In addition, the Foundation has paid over $129 million in prepaid tax.

Our Funding Managers and LACs have distributed

Distribution Icon


Key Statistics

Aid Icon

Since the first Canterbury Earthquake  in 2010 we have donated more than


to assist with response, recovery and regeneration of the region

In 2017/18 The Tindall Foundation
made these major commitments:

New Zealand

We gave donations to


organisations across
New Zealand

Gift Icon

We gave donations
worth over

$10 million

and committed donations of a further

$10 million

Our top three programme areas were:

Family Icon

to Supporting Families and Social Services


Environment Icon


to Caring for our Environment

Employment Icon


to Encouraging Employment and Enterprise

Key Statistics
Financial Information

Financial Information

Supporting Families and Social Services

Allocated by Funding Managers
Faith and Regional Communities

Allocated by The Tindall Foundation







Strengthening the Community Sector



Cross Sector and Other

Cross Sector Donations
Next Gen





Emergency Response Fund (Canterbury)












Total Donations Paid Out
by Programme Areas


Promoting Generosity and Giving

Community Foundations
C.Fdns Capacity Building

Business, Social and
Community Involvement






Caring for our Environment

Allocated by The Tindall Foundation

Environmental Education 

Habitat Protection  

Environmental Sustainability

Allocated by Funding Managers
Environmental Education/
Habitat Protection








Allocated by Funding Manager
Overseas-based initiatives





Encouraging Employment and Enterprise

Youth Employment and Enterprise
Community Employment and Enterprise
Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship






Headline Summary of Key Cumulative Results (1995–2018)

  1. Gross Dividends Received
    Less Prepaid Tax (Imputation Credits)
    Net Dividends Received  

  2. Donations Paid (1995–2018)

  3. Administration and Operating Expenses
    (6.6% of Donations Paid)






Liquid Assets as at 31 March 2018

The Warehouse Group Limited — shares
Other Assets

Total Assets



Total Donations Committed

For the 2017/18 financial year, The Tindall Foundation paid out or committed to donations totalling $20,875,663. During the year we gave donations to 776 organisations across New Zealand.

Total Donations Paid Out

Total Donation Pie Graph

Total Donations 2017/18


Committed Donations (not yet paid) $10,730,429


Find out who is behind

​The Tindall Foundation


The Tindall Foundation is a private family foundation that gives to organisations and communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand by way of donations, training, capacity building, research, and partnering with others. We want to see communities grow and prosper so our children's children will have the very best chance in life. As a family and as an organisation, we feel very fortunate to be in a position that enables us to share with others.

From left:  Stephen Tindall, Jennifer Casey, Margaret Tindall, Robbie Tindall

The Tindall Foundation’s governance team consisted until recently of our Founders, Margaret and Stephen Tindall, their son Robbie and one independent Trustee, Jennifer Casey. In September 2018 we announced the appointment of Rukumoana Schaafhausen (Ngāti Hāuā, Waikato Tainui) as a new independent Trustee. Rukumoana brings huge experience and insight to our team and we are honoured to welcome her as the first Māori Trustee to join our organisation.

Read more about the Trustees here


From left: John McCarthy, Kate Tindall Lum, Martina O’Driscoll, Kate Holgate,
Ashlee McCormick, Elizabeth Tindall Tetro, Anne Tindall, Jennifer Reid, Cyril Howard


We are lucky to have a fantastic management team made up of full-time and part-time staff and a part-time volunteer: Kate Holgate, Cyril Howard (new to TTF in 2018), John McCarthy, Ashlee McCormick (also new in 2018), Martina O’Driscoll, Jennifer Reid, Kate Tindall Lum and Elizabeth Tindall Tetro.


Read more about our team here

Key Consultants/Advisers

Trevor Gray
Bede Martin (Interact Canterbury)

Melanie Wilson

Glenn and Sharyn Cant

Peter Dowling

Margot Nicholson (NFP Works)

Annie Ackerman

Jochum Hoff

Jan van Vliet

Ian Short

Financial Advisers



RSM Hayes Audit

Legal Advisors

Chapman Tripp and Grove Darlow & Partners


ASB Bank


Editorial Content and
Production Management

Belinda Henley

Elizabeth Tindall Tetro


Oratia Media​

Creative Contributors Photography

Naomi Austen-Reid

Tamara Josephine

Jonny Knopp

Emily Raftery
Rongo Bentson



Belinda Henley

Tamara Josephine

John Whiteside


Postal Address
PO Box 33 181, Takapuna
Auckland 0740
New Zealand

(09) 488 0170





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